The Cornfield

Don’t go into the cornfield!

Annie isn’t frightened of the rows and rows of corn that grow behind her house. That is, until her grandmother warns her that the devil lies in wait, ready to gobble up any bad children that wander through the shadowy stalks.

Fearing for her life, Annie promises to be a good girl and steer clear of the forbidden ground.

Then Paul moves in next door.

He’s cruel. He’s dirty. He curses. He is exactly the kind of boy that would be a succulent treat for the beast. So, when Paul wants to explore the train tracks just beyond the cornfield, the words of Annie’s grandmother snake through her doubtful mind. Could the old wives tale actually be true?

Will she risk her life and soul to follow Paul, or will she heed the warning before it’s too late?

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Author Anne Nowlin
Language  English
ISBN 9781476355887
Pages 17
Publication Date Aug. 18, 2012
Publisher Smashwords
Series  n/a
BCRS Rating  CA-13
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horror, suspense, devil, evil, river, satan, beast, young adult, cornfield, train tracks, old wives tale



About the Author

Anne Nowlin is the author of The Cornfield and Mommy, as well as several other short stories that are soon to be published.

She writes young-adult, horror, suspense, and family drama. She also writes freelance and works full-time as an accountant. Anne received a Bachelor’s degree from the University of NC at Greensboro in 2000.

Originally from the small town of Mayodan, NC, Anne now resides in Kernersville.

Twitter: @annenowlin
Facebook: Facebook profile


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