Ten-year-old Ava wakes in the night to the screams of her grandmother. Fearing for her life, she rushes to the window to escape the terror that waits outside her door.
Full panic sets in when the doorknob jiggles, then the familiar voice of her aunt rings out. Confusion clouds Ava’s sleep-filled mind as she realizes no one is there to harm them. However, the message she’s given is much worse than anything she could have imagined.
There was an accident.
With nowhere to go, no way out, and no one to save her, Ava alone must confront the nightmare that is now reality.

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Author Ann Nowlin
Edition  Smashwords
ISBN 9781476210254
Words  1830
Publication Date Aug. 18, 2012
Publisher Smashwords
Series  n/a
BCRS Rating  CA-13
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About the Author

Anne Nowlin is the author of The Cornfield and Mommy, as well as several other short stories that are soon to be published.

She writes young-adult, horror, suspense, and family drama. She also writes freelance and works full-time as an accountant. Anne received a Bachelor’s degree from the University of NC at Greensboro in 2000.

Originally from the small town of Mayodan, NC, Anne now resides in Kernersville.

Twitter: @annenowlin
Facebook: Facebook profile


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