Cthulhu: Something in the Mud

Jack has seen what is hidden in the darkness. He knows there is a war beyond that of nations. Four years since the Armistice and he is restless for an interesting job. When he gets an invitation from his former commander, he is only too keen to find out more. What happens next is something from his nightmares.

As an agent in the Odd Jobs, Jack saw the horrors that mankind faces. A mission that went wrong leads to a horror rising from the depths to take its revenge upon a small gathering in the seaside town of West Wittering in Sussex. It is up to Jack to save them and perhaps in doing so, get the girl.

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Author Nikolai Bird
Language English
ISBN 9781311003768
Pages 18
Publication Date March 23, 2014
Publisher Smashwords
Series n/a
BCRS Rating  CA-13
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About the Author

Nikolai Bird

As lead designer for a web application company in London, I spend most of my days designing software interfaces. In my free time I enjoy reading and writing.
Twitter: @nikolaibird
Facebook: Facebook profile

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