Oddities in Motion Episode 1

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Oddities in Motion is a new Youtube comedy series by Fantasy author JM VanZuiden. The series takes odd encounters the author has experienced with real people and shares them in the guise of comical shorts on Youtube. Viewers are encouraged to submit their own oddities to www.twitter.com/aardenpress. JM will pick at least one viewer submitted oddity a month to create an episode with. We hope you will enjoy this first episode and share it with your friends!

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J.M. van Zuiden was born and raised in the upper Midwest in a small farm town. After two years attending a local community college, J.M. joined the US Army at age 21 being stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. He deployed with the US Army’s 1st Cavalry Division to Iraq in 2004 for Operation Iraqi Freedom, where he experienced combat first-hand. J.M. resides in Illinois with his wife of fifteen years and four children.
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