Robert the Doll: Haunted Doll in Key West, Florida


The story of the haunted and cursed doll known as Robert The Doll, currently on display (if you dare visit) in Key West, Florida. Written by Shaun Dex, with illustration by Janelle Jex. Click to Read

The Shadow Named Simon

the shadow named simon

Eleven-year-old Rudy and his mother moved to a new town far away from the city and the suburbs. Sunfield Vale was cold, quiet, and home to an ancient horror. Rudy, feeling alone and helpless, discovered this horror, but was unprepared for the events that followed – and which changed his life forever. Click to Read

The Arcane Solution

the arcane solution

In Somerset, England, in the year 1356, a knight has fallen far from grace. After years of fighting for his King and losing a hand in battle, he resorts to black magic in order to save his family from the Great Pestilence. Click to Read

The Teithwyr


   You open your eyes to complete darkness. It feels as if somebody is pounding on your head with a hammer. The last thing you remember is a brown dog running out into the road, the brightness of the daylight, and your car headed off the road. As your head clears, you realize you are hanging upside down. Your feet and legs are completely immobilized. You can hear something breathing in the room. the teithwyr is stalking you… read ‘The Teithwyr’ and find out what happens next! Click to Read

Sometimes There Are Monsters

sometimes there are monsters

A collection of 14 short stories that transport you to the terrifying corners of the imagination where worse things are always waiting.

Welcome to the place where monsters lurk, nightmares reign, and anything is possible.

More than a collection of short horror fiction, these tales run the razor’s edge from grotesque to morbidly hopeful. The danger may be supernatural or human–either way, the monsters are waiting.

Includes “The Lemonade Stand”, “The Mannequin Child”, and “What She Drove”. These titles are also available for individual download from this site. Click to Read

What She Drove

What She Drove

A Chrysler and a horror story…
The mangled wreck of a PT Cruiser can be a tortured soul’s last refuge. It can cleanse the pain, soothe the hurt, but this car and what lives on inside it doesn’t offer peace without consequence. Once you enter this car, you may never be able to leave. Click to Read

The Lemonade Stand

the lemonade stand

A unique spin on an apocalyptic horror short…
The virus is spreading across the world and mankind’s days are numbered, but for one little girl, this is the perfect time to sell her lemonade. The man she encounters reminds her of her father, but this man may not be all he appears to be. Click to Read