What She Drove

What She Drove

A Chrysler and a horror story…
The mangled wreck of a PT Cruiser can be a tortured soul’s last refuge. It can cleanse the pain, soothe the hurt, but this car and what lives on inside it doesn’t offer peace without consequence. Once you enter this car, you may never be able to leave. Click to Read

A Darker Magic

A Darker Magic

Classic style dark fantasy…

When his beautiful bride-to-be disappears on the night before their wedding, Durras must search for her alone in a strange land, where his kind is not wanted. To make matters worse, he suspects that she has been taken by a powerful evil mage. He’s a simple highland boy, but he won’t rest until he has found her.

“It’s dangerous down there, boy,” Gamrie growled. “They ain’t like us. Lowland mages ain’t interested in blessing the crops and healing the sick. No… they practice a darker magic.”

Fans of classic fantasy will enjoy this unique tale of adventure, love and magic. Click to Read

Kiss and Tales 1: A Romantic Collection


FREE indie, self-published ebooks, short stories, novellas, and novels. Kiss and Tales 1: A Romantic Collection of short stories –

Another collection of original tales brought to you by The Indie Collaboration. This time we present a chocolate box selection of love stories. Some are romantic, some funny, some sad and some mysterious. Whatever the style, there will be a story or poem in here that will melt even the most hardened of hearts. Click to Read

Kiss and Tales 2: A Romantic Collection


FREE indie, self-published ebooks, short stories, novellas, and novels. In 2014, Kiss and Tales: A Romantic Collection published by The Indie Collaboration got national and international media exposure and rocketed to the top of the “free” best-seller list on Amazon and Smashwords for the Valentine’s season. The Indie Collaboration was happy to offer a diverse collection of free short stories and romantic poetry highlighting a wonderful group of authors from all over the world. This year they’re back with a new collection of romance and poetry for you to enjoy on Valentine’s day. Click to Read