Shadows of Illyria: The Letter

The Letter Cover

Shadows of Illyria is a ground-breaking new series which departs from traditional fantasy novels with gritty realism in the portrayal of war, mythical creatures, and with the struggles faced by war-torn heroes. Written by a combat veteran of the Iraq War, the author’s unique first-hand experience truly creates a unique spin on the fantasy genre. Click to Read

The Arcane Solution

the arcane solution

In Somerset, England, in the year 1356, a knight has fallen far from grace. After years of fighting for his King and losing a hand in battle, he resorts to black magic in order to save his family from the Great Pestilence. Click to Read

To Rescue General Gordon

To Rescue General Gordon

Henry Emerson didn’t plan on disobeying orders, stealing an airship, and facing down a savage army of religious fanatics led by a man who believes he’s the Prophet reborn. But he’s about to…

The famous General Gordon is trapped in a city under siege by the Prophet’s soldiers. Henry and his friend James, two young officers in Her Majesty’s Royal Air Navy, along with the hulking Sikh, Raheem, decide to rescue him. Their methods aren’t exactly “cricket.” Their superiors call it insubordination. They prefer to think of it as following orders…creatively.

The adventure will either bring them glory and fame, or doom them to a painful death at the hands of savage tribesmen… If their own commanders don’t get to them first!

To Rescue General Gordon is an 8,000 word (35 pages) steampunk short story and the first tale in the Clockwork Imperium series. Click to Read

A Darker Magic

A Darker Magic

Classic style dark fantasy…

When his beautiful bride-to-be disappears on the night before their wedding, Durras must search for her alone in a strange land, where his kind is not wanted. To make matters worse, he suspects that she has been taken by a powerful evil mage. He’s a simple highland boy, but he won’t rest until he has found her.

“It’s dangerous down there, boy,” Gamrie growled. “They ain’t like us. Lowland mages ain’t interested in blessing the crops and healing the sick. No… they practice a darker magic.”

Fans of classic fantasy will enjoy this unique tale of adventure, love and magic. Click to Read

The Lost Tales of Mercia


Historical Fantasy Adventures

All ten Lost Tales of Mercia set in Anglo-Saxon England can now be read in a single ebook.

A mother defies an ealdorman for the sake of her son. A boy becomes king at eleven years of age through the scandalous death of his brother. A young girl takes desperate measures to manipulate the king’s court. An eccentric noble gives a young swineherd a priceless gift in the form of education. An orphaned woman joins the Viking prince to pursue her revenge…

These are only the first five stories of the ten Lost Tales of Mercia. They introduce the characters who will fight, love, and betray each other until the rightful king takes the throne of Engla-lond. These stories serve as a complement to the novel, “Eadric the Grasper.” Click to Read

Spectacular Tales: A Science Fiction and Fantasy Collection

spectacular tales cover

FREE indie, self-published ebooks, short stories, novellas, and novels. A thrilling anthology of short stories by some of the rising stars in independent publishing.

In this collection we bring you a ship’s locker full of great Science Fiction and Fantasy. There are tales about beautiful princesses and cunning thieves, intergalactic wars, cosmic energy beings, warriors and rocketship pilots ‘Spectacular Tales’ is yet another thrilling anthology of short stories from the Indie Collaboration. In this latest collection, written by the rising stars in independent publishing, we bring you a ship’s locker full of great Science Fiction and Fantasy. Click to Read

StoryHack Action & Adventure Compilation


Storyhack Compilation – A collection of short action/adventure stories

A new modern pulp fiction compilation with action and adventure stories in a variety of genres. This issue contains stories from David Boop, Julie Frost, David J West, Jon Mollison, Shannon Connor Winward, Keith West, Jay Barnson, Steve DuBois, and Alexandru Constantin. From sword and sorcery to far future adventure, to modern thriller, StoryHack has it all! Click to Read