Imagining Liberty, Part 5: Nuclear Bomb Freedom

Imagining Liberty

This runner up ingeniously combines news reports and social media posts to craft a compelling story of near-future spaceflight.
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Imagining Liberty, Part 2: House of Refuge

Imagining Liberty

This second place-winning story is a tour-de-force set in a rich, imaginative near future of seasteads, anarchic international agencies, and high-seas adventure. Click to Read

Imagining Liberty, Part 1: The Coals Burned Low

Imagining Liberty

Our first place winner, this is a powerful, subtle story set in modern-day Egypt during the turmoil in Tahrir square.

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To Rescue General Gordon

To Rescue General Gordon

Henry Emerson didn’t plan on disobeying orders, stealing an airship, and facing down a savage army of religious fanatics led by a man who believes he’s the Prophet reborn. But he’s about to…

The famous General Gordon is trapped in a city under siege by the Prophet’s soldiers. Henry and his friend James, two young officers in Her Majesty’s Royal Air Navy, along with the hulking Sikh, Raheem, decide to rescue him. Their methods aren’t exactly “cricket.” Their superiors call it insubordination. They prefer to think of it as following orders…creatively.

The adventure will either bring them glory and fame, or doom them to a painful death at the hands of savage tribesmen… If their own commanders don’t get to them first!

To Rescue General Gordon is an 8,000 word (35 pages) steampunk short story and the first tale in the Clockwork Imperium series. Click to Read

The Contractors: A Justice Incorporated Short Story

The Contractors

In the near future, a small band of elite military contractors faces off against a ruthless foe…

The tiny town of Zawita in southern Kurdistan is little more than a speck on the map for most Westerners. But for Eric Ikenna and the other private security contractors of Justice, Incorporated, it’s where they’re making their last stand against the brutal army of Mohammad Shadid.

The villagers and local militia don’t stand a chance without Justice, Inc.’s men and advanced weaponry, and a victory here could bring the PR win the company desperately needs to secure more lucrative contracts. But first, Eric and his employees have to survive an attack by the most vicious, bloodthirsty military in the Middle East.

It’s a force that has left the charred and smoking wrecks of cities and bodies in its wake, and the Justice, Inc. operators are smack dab in the middle of its next target.

Combining cutting-edge technology ripped from tomorrow’s headlines with nonstop action and vibrant, bold characters, “The Contractors” is a 3,100 word (12 pages) military thriller short story and the first tale in the Justice, Incorporated series. Click to Read