Murder on the Titanic

murder on the titanic

As the Titanic sinks, a notorious playboy aristocrat is hideously murdered.
To find the killer, Professor Axelson and his assistant Agnes question the survivors under hypnosis.
As eyewitnesses vividly relive the horror of the sinking, a dark conspiracy is revealed among the most powerful nations on earth. The quest becomes a breakneck life-and-death chase across an ocean and two continents…
…and Agnes finds, as the whole world stands on the brink of war, that she alone has the power to save it.
Or destroy it. Click to Read

The Outcall

the outcall

Holly Harlow is intelligent, courageous and independent.
And she works as a London call girl. When a client is murdered in her bed, she has to find the killer – before the police arrest her for the crime. Holly’s trail leads from human trafficking to unbridled celebrity egotism and the corridors of political power. What she discovers is almost unimaginable. Click to Read